Slime is one of the enemies you'll find in The Dungeon.

It's movements are limited, 'walking' from one tile to another.

The further you get in the dungeon, the faster it gets.

Appearance Edit

Slimes are green, with a ghostly face (notice the darker shade).

Whenever it walks, it leaves a short green trail that fades quickly.

When it eats (or kill) the character, it becomes seemingly larger, and then return back to normal size.

How To Counter Edit

The slime can be countered by:

- Using Sir Gylbard's ability

- Using Creep A.Crow's activate ability

- Using Duke Kazhan's activate ability

- Using Rik's ability

- Using Bragg's activate ability

- Using Aether's ability

- Using Medusa's ability

- Using Ribb's passive ability

- Using Panic Bot's activate ability