Sir gylbard
He is the first character in the game and costs no coins.

He's almost similar to Ribb, with the only difference being he can't withstand electricity and fire and doesn't go forward several meters after passive ability used.

Abilities Edit

Starter: None

Unlockable - [Passive] Shield: Protect Sir Gylbard from obstacles(max 3 

                                                if fully upgraded) excluding electricity, fire,

                                                wisps, falling, and The Darkness

                   [Activate] Thrust: Break obstacles and kills creatures within 3

                                              meters in front of you

Appearance Edit

Sir Gylbard has blue armor, golden shield, and a sword.

The helm have 3 spikes and the shield only have one.

Weirdly, the sword doesn't have a sharp end.

Sir Gylbard is also about a meter tall which is almost half as tall as a normal person and 50% of his height is his head alone. His shield of gold would also weigh around 350 lbs plus the Armour and his sword, he also at his fastest can go 5 meters a second, in short, Sir Gylbard is maybe the strongest character in the game (if you use real life science).