"His real name has 17 syllables, but you can simply call him Rik The Fire Golem."

Rik costs 5000 coins  to unlock.

He is one of the two characters that take advantage of wisps.

Abilities Edit

Starter - [Passive] Fire and Stone: Immune to fire, absorbs fire balls and fire wisps. Also can't be crushed by pistons.

Unlockable - [Activate] Blaze:Launch a fireball with tremendous power in a forward direction.

Unlockable - [Passive] Flaming Shield:Have a fire shield.

(Note: the two unlockable abilities requires 10 fireballs or wisps in order to be used)

Appearance Edit

Rik have glowing eyes and a rocky body.

When his abilities are ready to be used, there will be a fireball spinning around him as you run through the dungeon.