"This feARRRless sea wolf has a sixth sense for gold."

Bragg costs 6000 coins to unlock

He is one of the two characters that have a helper.

Bragg can collect skeleton keys to unlock skeleton chests.

Abilities Edit

Starter - [Passive] Treasure Hunt: Collect skeleton keys in the dungeon to unlock skeleton chests

Starter - [Passive] Gem: Gem the Parrot will double the money that Bragg collects as long he is with Bragg

(Note: Gem will be locked in a cage until you free him. For 10 secs he will be with


Unlockable - [Activate] Gunshot: Shoots a bullet at the direct you're facing at.

(Note:Costs 15 coins, gain coins if an enemy gets killed)

Appearance Edit

Bragg has a blue outfit,a pirate's hat, and a beard.

When running, his beard covers a part of his clothes.

Also, his pupils seems missing when running left or right, but not when his running backwards.